Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I deny it not.

This is my sadblog. It's where I unload all my hurt, lost dreams, wishes that never came true. Maybe that makes my life look a little unbalanced, but what's the point of planting flowers on a garbage dump? Sure, it makes good manure, but no one'd really benefit because the smell of the flowers would be overwhelmed.

So why am I trying to reassure you that I do have moments of happiness in my life? Partly to convince myself. And partly because you've given me hope and I don't want you to think it's wasted. Thank you. For the smiles, for the hope and for the kindness to a complete stranger. May your lives be brightened the same way.


  1. good to have a sad blog i think :) sometimes i wish i had one too. where no one knows me and i only go to when i'm blue. oh well.
    dont be too sad though. take care kid.

  2. This is YOUR space to say what you like, to feel whatever you want, to be whoever you want to be .. look after yourself ... hugs ..

  3. Delilah: Thanks... maybe you should start one, but then again, maybe your approach works better, taking the good with the bad. It evens things out, I guess. :)

    Guiding Spirit: :)


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